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Chai Lifeline came to Voila Media wanting to create an unique web site for Camp Simcha, and Camp Simcha Special. Voila Media Partnered with Tekture, and together with a committee of Camp Simcha Staff, created, the official website of Camp Simcha & Camp Simcha Special. is an innovative, kid friendly website, that still attracts adults that are interested in finding out more about Camp Simcha & Camp Simcha Special. lets campers keep a toe in the waters of camp all year long, and enables campers can listen to camp songs, watch videos, and communicate with one another and staff. uses cutting edge wordpress technology to create to more interactive features, SimchaSpace, & ParentSpace: SimchaSpace, A private social networking interface allows campers to share information, post photos, and form affinity groups. ParentSpace, Parents can to log in during camp sessions to view photos, read the camp blog, see the daily schedule, and contact camp staff.